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Hello there!


I help moms lose 5-25 pounds, and help them feel better, while living their busy lives,

As a weight, life and triathlon coach, I would love to help you create tools to manage in these areas better by learning to embrace the discomfort, enhancing your abilities to become more efficient, and to fully elevate to your best self.

These changes are made within us by digging into all these areas:

1. exercise 

2. nutrition

3. mindset

   a. self-confidence

   b. confidence in your relationships

After graduation from Utah State in Exercise Science, I worked as a personal trainer, the director of a wellness clinic, a residential and recreation assistant at a therapeutic boarding school, and then as of recently I was the junior high soccer coach, running coach, and a seminary teacher for my church.


I feel like working with all these different individuals has been the perfect experience that I need to help me as I now pursue the next chapter in my life as a life coach.

When we work on our minds, our bodies, our desires, our dreams, and our hopes, we can start BECOMING the us we are meant to be, and I feel like the whole puzzle comes together..

I come from a big conservative Latter Day Saint family. I have 6 amazing brothers, and a super talented sister. My parents raised us to cultivate love amongst each other. Some of the greatest memories I have in my life include my family. 

I am now fortunate to have a family of my own with 4 beautiful, spunky, creative, and energetic kids. I have a supportive husband who works hard to keep us healthy and happy and all of the rest of society healthy, as he serves them as a Emergency Medicine physician.

A few of my favorite things in life besides my family and amazing friends are triathlons, watermelons,  my imfamous green smoothie, and enjoying the sun on my face, while being outside in this beautiful world that God created.

I can not  wait to help you find your ELEVATED self.

Aligning the body and the mind to help get you into your best zone!

One on One coaching

6 week program - then monthy program


FREE clarity mini session

I would love to coach you on improving your health and well-being. Bring me a concern or problem, and we will work on where you are now and where you want to be. You will leave with a blueprint of where you want to be and how you can get there.  You will be able to have a plan take with you. Can't wait to talk to you! 

week 1 strategies and obstacles

awareness in our thinking 

discuss a food protocol

week 2 Learn about thought downloads

how to take action

circumstance vs thought

review protocol and 24 hour plans

discuss eating windows

week 3 uncover limiting beliefs

past and future 

focus on fruit and veggie in protocol

week 4-feelings of discomfort 

indulgent emotions and feeling stuck

creating clean and health snacks 

week 5- passive vs massive aciton

process of accomplishing goals

complying reason (your why)

designing you exercise program

week 6-creating the result you want

self coaching 

relationshiip manuals

focusing on water and sleep

Monthly Group Coaching programs

(coming soon)

monthly group coaching 

-every month we have a new 30 day challenge

-once a week we will have live coaching calls

-a theme for each month with thought handouts

-online question and answer chats 

what clients are saying 



Have you wondered if it possible to get back to the way you "use to feel"?


Since you have been a mom, have you put others needs ahead of your own? Then realizing it has left you feeling tired and sometime resentful?


Are you feeling overwhelmed and stressed ( and may depressed)? We feel like taking care of ourselves is not something that we can afford - yet we never stop missing the feeling of energy, aliveness, and strength that come when we think about what our inner athlete wants


Have you been telling the same narrative about your lives story, and found that it is not getting you further in life?


Do you look in the mirror at times, and not even recognize yourself any more. It is not like you don't like yourself, but you definitely don't feel like yourself, and you don't like the way your body looks and feels.


Do you find yourself blaming your circumstance like a job, kids, moves, covid, or so many other things to why you aren't at the fitness level you want.


Have you thought I know what I "should" do, but it just doesn't sound "fun"?



It is possible. We work on realizing what you want. We work on believing it is even worth trying.


I am a mom of four, so I understand how busy life gets. Although when we fact in time to take care of ourselves, we have more energy and love to show up to those we want to serve.


The overwhelm and stress is hard to handle. We work on sorting out the things you can control and the things you can't control. We work on you getting back in control of your life. Then when you look in the mirror you know you have choices, and you can regain your sense of self.


We work on not the old you or who you use to be, but who you are now, and how you elevate and improve moving forward with your life.


We find ways to make the workout and eating creative, personalized, and invigorating. It will take hard work, persistence, consistency, determination and patience, but those are all traits that are worth gaining. They will not only help you in your health journey, but in all areas of your life.


We work on realizing it is not your circumstances that are cause the problem, but what we are making those circumstances mean.


We discovery how to elevate your life right where you are right now.

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Motivation and grateful

Kami's enthusiastic guidance helped me to find the motivation to exercise and eat healthier that I had lost. She has truly helped me get  back to feeling myself again. 

-Joanne G.

Kami is passionate about what she does, and is invested in me and my results.  She teaches principles and methods to take control of my life that improve relationships and help get the best out of life.

I always felt comfortable confiding in her because of her positive and non judgemental attitude. After working with her I noticed every aspect of my life improved! I could not be more grateful for coach Kami and all she has taught me!

-Emily Becker

Exactly what I was looking for and best decision 

My coaching experience with Kami has been absolutely life changing. She helped me create my own new habits that have proven easy to maintain as a new lifestyle, which is exactly what I was looking for! I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who is looking for a boost toward making the changes they've always been wanting to make towards a healthier lifestyle.

-Aly Freeman

I've loved working with Kami. Having her as a coach was one of the best decisions I've ever made!!  She really taught me to control my thoughts so I can live my best life. She truly wants everyone to be the best they can be and be their truest self! She had such a positive outlook and her happiness is contagious!! Coaching with Kami has changed my life.

- Melissa Spencer

Decrease my stress

I love Kami's coaching program. Through her coaching sessions, I was able to redirect my focus and decrease my stress level tremendously. Kami helped me set goals in regards to my household and family, as well as, my diet and fitness. She followed up with me throughout the week to help me be accountable. I knew that she really cared about me and how I was doing and if I was making progress. She gave me tools I could use each day to be more focused and less stressed. Her podcast are really great as well. I try to listening to them while I am exercising and they really keep me motivated to do better.  

- Kristina Miller