Team Elevate options

  • Team Elevate

    Every month
    lose weight, gain health, and mental and physical strength
    • weekly team coaching, 24/7 email access,
    • monthly training module and digital handouts,
    • yearly retreats and many team events
    • option to get private coaching
    • option to get weekly food evaluations
  • Team Elevate Plus

    Every month
    Getting you ready mentally and phyically for the best race
    • Daily workouts, private 1 on 1 monthly coaching
    • monthly module, weekly team coaching, 24/7 email access
    • weekly food plan evaluations, Marco Polo access, team chats,
    • yearly retreats, and team events
  • Private Session

    private single session for team members only
    • 30 minute of 1 on 1 coaching on individual topic
  • Team Elevate GOLD

    Every month
    be the strongest healthiest you possible
    • weekly one on one coaching, weekly team coaching,
    • weekly food plan evaluations, marco polo access, 24/7 email,
    • team chats, daily exercise plan, monthly training module

    incline your life
    Valid for 6 months
    • Hike the incline, learn how to prep nutrient dense food
    • Also, Beyond Your Comfort Zone - LIVE teaching and coaching